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Make yourself at home in our sophisticated guest rooms, hotel begonias is a true space for relaxation, take in the incredible views and enjoy fresh air from our beautiful city of Bukavu.

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Hotel Begonias
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Arsène CishesaArsène Cishesa
16:23 01 Feb 23
This hotel is strategically located at the gate of Bukavu for people coming from the eastern neighboring countries. It’s the first high standard hotel you find just after crossing Ruzizi 1 border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda.I enjoyed my last visit at this hotel and appreciated the quality of service. From the gate to the interior, every service was offered with a smile.
Doudou KalalaDoudou Kalala
03:49 26 Jul 21
The hotel is very cleanIt has the best view to the lake for sunset (a bit of sunrise of your room is well positioned).Very friendly and professional personnel.The menu needs some love. Be prepared, furnitures is clean but look like in soap opera movie.The place has a well maintained swimming pool and sauna (choose your time wisely, it’s very popular).
michael githiimichael githii
20:12 24 Jul 21
I enjoyed the place,Made my evening better after visiting the crazy Bukavu city lol
06:19 29 Jul 19
Nice location with a view on Lake Kivu. Not far from the DR Congo and Rwanda boarder. An easy access to the Kamembe airport, in Rwanda.
Atle SolholmAtle Solholm
17:22 05 Sep 17
Begonias is a quite new hotel in Bukavu, it just opened about 8 months ago. Due to the recent opening of the hotel, there have been virtually no reviews on Google maps until now; and I have to admit that I therefore stayed at another location when I recently visited Bukavu with my wife. We were a bit curious about this new hotel, however, and we therefore went twice over to eat there. The restaurant was bright and shiny, the staff very friendly, and the food was excellent. When we asked for medium done beef tenderloin, that was exactly what we got. The dessert menu was still not fully developed, we were told, and yet we were offered crepes with jam for dessert, so delicious that they kind of melted in our mouths. On the second occasion we had a delicious meal of local fish with ugali and sombe.The main target of our curiosity, however, was the rooms and suites at the hotel. Are they as nice as they appear on the hotel’s website, or is that just too good to be true? During our first dinner at Begonias, we asked if it would be possible for us to see the bar and the top terrace on the third floor; and the friendly staff immediately agreed to show us not just the top terrace, but also some of the bedrooms of the hotel. On our way up to the upper floor, therefore, we were first taken into a Single Bed Guest Room, next into a Double Bed Standard Room, and finally into a King Suite. They are all just as nice as they appear on the website, and the view from the upper floor suites and their verandas is just magnificent. We were even allowed to have a look inside the bathrooms of the various rooms, and they were all nice and clean; so you won’t feel uncomfortable about having a bath or a shower.I asked the staff how they cope with such things as electricity and water, as these are things that tend to come and go in Bukavu; and they explained to me that the hotel has its own diesel driven generator, and they also showed me the huge water tower with two large reservoirs just outside the hotel. I next asked if the hotel can afford to let the generator run continually whenever there’s no electricity in town, and they then replied that they sometimes turn it off during daytime, but never without first checking with any clients in their rooms if that is OK; just to make sure they don’t loose anything on their computers the moment the current is turned off.The upper floor had a fashionable bar with doors leading out to the top terrace. The terrace offers a panorama view of Bukavu, and especially of the Muhumba peninsula. We used the elevator back down to the ground floor, and then went into the garden to have a look. The hotel has even got a little swim pool. When I first saw the pool on the hotel’s website, I did wonder a little about the privacy offered there, as Avenue Lumumba, the main street towards the Congolese border with Rwanda is running just outside the fence. It is however, due to the terrain, something like four or five metres from the garden down to the street; so there’s no need to worry about by passers watching while you’re having a swim.Before departing, the staff of Hôtel Begonias told us that the same owner even has an almost identical hotel in Uvira, called the Bahari Beach Hotel Uvira. Judging from the pictures online it is slightly larger than the Begonias, having four semi circular verandas on each floor instead of three; and then the swim pool also seems to be slightly bigger. So for my next visit to the DRC, I’m planning to stay in Begonias while in Bukavu, and in Bahari Beach Hotel while in Uvira.